Receiving a failing grade is one of the most challenging experiences for students usually anything marked 36 or below is a failure. It is crucial to realize that students may experience this for a variety of reasons and that there are frequently several ways to overturn a failing grade. It’s not necessarily the end of the world if you fail an exam, a course, or even the assignment itself because you have options!

Reasons Why Students Fail in Assignment Writing

One of the most frequent causes of students failing to complete their assignments is this. It’s simple to underestimate how long it will take to complete a task. Even students with a lot of prior experience with projects have trouble finishing some activities in the allotted time.

There could be a variety of explanations for why pupils don’t finish their tasks. Among them is “I’m just not a terrific writer.”

One of the most frequent causes of homework failure for pupils is this. It’s simple to underestimate how long it will take to complete a task. Even students with a lot of prior experience with projects have trouble finishing some activities in the allotted time.

Being uninspired

Though each student has their justifications for not wanting to finish a task, a prevalent one is a lack of motivation. Assignments and other duties are just one more thing that students want to complete because they are always looking for something to keep them occupied. You need to figure out a technique to encourage pupils to care about their tasks in this circumstance or just pay someone to do my assignment. The fact is that one of a student’s most critical traits is motivation. It will be simple for motivated and enthusiastic students to succeed in finishing coursework and other chores. According to research, encouraging kids can help them raise their grades by up to a whole letter.

Having difficulty understanding the assignment

One of the main causes of failure for students is not understanding what to do next, which happens frequently when given an abstract task. Many students, especially first-year students, find the abstract format to be exceedingly challenging and lack the knowledge necessary to complete an assignment or come up with topics for essays .

This is why you should provide assignment instructions in every assignment you submit since if you don’t know what to do, you won’t have time to complete it. If you are aware that you have an assignment due but haven’t looked it over or used the directions, it’s possible that you didn’t know what to do next.

Ineffective time management

Well, creating a routine is usually a good strategy to keep yourself organized and moving forward. Setting a schedule and sticking to it will make it simpler for you to tackle writing responsibilities. Lack of time management abilities is frequently the cause of academic failure. If you want to succeed in your studies and have a high GPA, time management is essential for students. You must learn how to use basic tools that you can use to keep organized and manage your time effectively if you don’t have enough time to do a project. You can complete things more quickly by using online learning resources and time-management tools. Having insufficient time to finish your responsibilities. It’s common for students to arrive on time for class and then waste the rest of the hour laughing or chatting with their buddies.

Incorrect attitude toward the current task

If a student doesn’t approach the assignment correctly, they can give up before they even start. Only a few of the many elements that influence a student’s ability to complete an assignment could result in their failure. Students may display signs of apathy, distraction, or lack of interest in the job, which may lead them to give up before they even start.

“A pupil can give up before they start if they don’t approach the work correctly,” the teacher warned.

By giving pupils supportive cues to keep them focused, you can encourage them to approach the work with greater interest and enthusiasm.

Having trouble following directions If a pupil disregards the guidance offered to

How to Stop Failure in its Tracks

With all of the aforementioned issues, students may typically avoid failing by simply adopting preventative measures before the issue gets out of hand. To prevent minor issues from developing into potential failures, several procedures taken.

Maintain regular contact with your superiors.

A passing grade depends on the assigned supervisor. The supervisors should consulted for all assistance because they are the experts on academic dos and don’ts. Ask even what will happen if your assignment is rejected by UK standards. This is a student’s manual for reaching excellence, not merely passing.

Look for immediate help from other sources

Seek immediate assistance to resolve small research problems. Avoid waiting because it could cause problems to fix a failing assignment at the last minute (what every student thinks). Students can easily take university assignment help from fellow students. Again, it is not advisable to repeatedly bother your supervisor, so don’t be afraid to ask your friends or anybody else who is qualified for advice if you believe you are in danger of failing your assignment this year.

Have a maintained flow

Can an assignment rejected? Failure is possible if an appropriate presentation is not proposed. This could be because the research statement, study methodologies, variables, or literature review are weak enough. Additionally, there needs to be a link between each chapter. Without a connection, the review panel can find it challenging to understand, which could result in rejection and make failing an assignment your lot in life.

The hard copy submission needs to correctly formatted and utilize current and pertinent sources within the standards for the plagiarism %. In this situation, the question of “can you retake an assignment” nullified.

Conclusion and tip Cop up with failure

It can be painful and undesirable to fail. It can take many forms, such as not receiving the academic results you had hoped for, failing to get the job you applied for, ending a relationship, or experiencing a general setback.

Failure is a common and necessary aspect of life, despite being unwanted. However, because the emotions we can experience as result of failure can be so terrible, many people will go to great efforts to avoid doing so. However, a fear of failure can prevent us from seizing the opportunities we may need to achieve; therefore, a more beneficial strategy is to alter our perception of failure rather than avoiding situations that could potentially result in it.

Top tips for coping with failure

Permit yourself to feel

When we fail, we may feel a variety of uneasy emotions, including among others, shame, disappointment, despair, concern, rage, and embarrassment. Since these feelings are unpleasant, our natural inclination is to conceal or avoid them. While this may provide momentary respite, the problem will most likely resurface. Additionally, it may prevent us from healthily processing our feelings. Allowing our sentiments to be can be more beneficial than fighting them. Try to recognize and name the emotion first. Allow yourself some time to experience it after that, keeping in mind that failure is a necessary component of achievement and a part of everyone’s life experience.

Develop self-compassion

Self-compassion is a crucial component of self-care when dealing with failure. Give yourself the same care you frequently show others once you have admitted that you are going through something painful. Instead of criticizing and criticizing yourself, self-compassion entails showing yourself kindness, care, and understanding.

Recall what happened and adopt a positive mindset.

Even though it hurts, we may develop and learn from our past deadly assignment mistakes. You may be better prepared for the next challenge and develop resilience in the face of stress and adversity by asking yourself, “What can I learn from this experience?” or “What beneficial information can I obtain from this experience to carry forward?”

It can be beneficial to view failure from a growth attitude rather than a fixed mindset when thinking back on failure. When you have a fixed mindset, you think that your traits and abilities are unchangeable no matter what you do (for example, “What’s the use in trying if I’m going to fail?”). A growth mindset, on the other hand, is when you think that your abilities and traits can advance and develop with age and experience, for example, it’s always a good idea to attempt, and failure is a learning curve.

Failure doesn’t necessarily indicate you’re not competent; you might just not have figured it out yet. Perhaps an assignment writing service could you call to help next time?

Revisit your goals and create a plan for the future

You’ll be stuck if you spend more time than necessary reflecting on past failures. It is time to review your goals and make a plan for the future once you have given yourself enough time to experience the emotions connected to the failure, treated yourself with love and care in the midst of it, and thought about the lessons learned from the experience.

Is Starlink a magnificent development or a risk? Well, whenever you think of Elon Musk, it is likely to come to in mind, a wealthy businessman, his electric vehicle venture Tesla, his space exploration company SpaceX, or his attempt to take over Twitter.

But what is Starlink? Some of you might not even understand what Starlink is or why it’s making news.

Well, this project is one of the most ambitious space initiatives ever attempted and has been compared to SpaceX’s previous efforts, such as its Falcon 1 rocket and Dragon spacecraft.

Due to the rising need for the internet, we all wish that it may become possible to access the internet wherever you live. Elon Musk, the tech entrepreneur, said in 2015 that his business SpaceX was creating a service like this called Starlink. The goal of this Starlink satellite network is to create a network of thousands of satellites that will provide internet service across the globe. As many people as possible will be able to get high-speed broadband internet.

But what precisely is Starlink? And why it is creating a buzz in the market? Do we need fast internet access 24/7? As we unveil more about this impending, incredibly impressive space internet service, continue to read.


What is the need for fast internet access?

Fast internet access is a necessity in today’s world. It has become more and more important that people have access to the internet. This is because there are now more things to do online than ever before. People need fast internet access so they can get their work done. The companies that provide help with my assignment have huge website traffic they require high-speed internet service to promptly respond to student inquiries.

Businesses that provide seasonal discounts or more affordable products than their competitors do so, need a fast, stable internet to deal with orders and clients as quickly as possible without any delay. For instance, if a firm offers cheap assignment help, it stands to reason that students will use their services. As a result, they want high-quality internet to avoid losing money and customers.

Or in data transfer like playing games online with friends or communicating with family members via video chat. All of these activities require fast speeds of data transfer to be enjoyable!

What is Elon Musk Starlink?

With the rising need for the internet all over the world, from students to adults, everyone needs internet access which should be available 24/7. For example, students need internet access to cope up with their assignments, if they have internet at schools as well as at homes they can use dissertation writing service without being stuck in any connection problems and other inconvenience such as slow server, etc.

So, by analyzing this need in life, Elon Musk’s Starlink is the latest in a long line of ambitious plans from the billionaire entrepreneur. He’s been working on it for years, and it took off in 2019 when it was announced that he’d be partnering with Virgin to launch a constellation of satellites into space.

The project was launched with two primary goals: to provide high-speed internet access to rural areas, and help make space travel easier by using existing technology instead of developing new technologies for future missions.

To provide affordable internet access to billions of people across the globe, Starlink aims to provide a low-cost, high-speed broadband solution that could help curb poverty and provide better health care services.

The goal of Musk’s project is not to replace traditional internet access but rather to provide a secondary method of connectivity for those who cannot afford it or don’t have access to it already. The company has already received approval from several regulatory bodies around the world and has begun building out its infrastructure in rural areas where there are no existing networks present already. However, there is still some work left before Starlink becomes fully operational.

How does Elon Musk Starlink Work?

The concept behind this project working is rather than delivering internet signals using electric wires, which must be physically put down to reach rural places. Satellite internet will work by radiating information across the vacuum of space, where it travels 47% quicker than in optic fiber.

Starlink will provide internet connectivity from nearly any place on the earth once it is completely operational. Hundreds of tiny satellites will be launched into orbit around earth as part of Elon Musk’s Starlink project. After that, they would be able to send quick internet signals to Earth.

How much does it cost & services?

To purchase Starlink stations, visit SpaceX’s exclusive webpage. Scroll down to the “Buy Now” button on the Starlink website’s homepage page. You may check if Starlink is offered in your area after entering your delivery address.

However, if the service is available in your region you’ll need to request service, pay a $99 deposit, and then wait your way through the backlog because Starlink is currently taking orders on a first-come, first-served basis. In some countries, Starlink currently claims that new orders may not be completed until 2023 or later. During its beta in 2021, Starlink indicated that some presales might take as long as 6 months to complete.

Once the package is delivered, you will find a Starlink kit inside of it that will permit you to access the Internet. A Starlink app and an online user manual are provided to assist you with the activation.

According to the firm nearly everyone with a clear view of the sky should be able to locate a satellite, however, those who are very close to the northern and southern hemispheres might not be as lucky.

Where can you access SpaceX Starlink internet on Earth?

The “high latitudes” areas will be the first ones to have access to the private beta, according to Musk. The corporation has made it clear that people of the northernmost regions of the United States and Canada would be the first to receive the beta. Starlink will be introduced to the Amazon rainforest as part of Elon Musk’s ambitions to monitor unlawful destruction there. However, Tesla has no plans to introduce Starlink in any form to China.

Musk has since redirected Starlink’s commitment to helping the Ukrainian conflict. Despite Russian efforts to muddle the signals from satellites, it is believed that 150,000 Ukrainians utilize the services every day. There are about 250,000 Starlink members in the entire world overall.

Want to know the number of Starlink Satellite launched so far?

In 2018, Company launched its initial test satellite. After that, in 2019 the service launched its first authorized 60 satellites. The most recent launch occurred in the middle of November 2021, and more launches are scheduled for every month of the year. SpaceX has launched around 2,400 satellites into space according to reports. This implies that SpaceX has finished building its first satellite “shell” which was originally projected to be 1,440 satellites.

Where is Starlink Satellite Available?

Currently, Starlink service is constrained to particular locations in specific regions, despite its assurance that the entire world would be covered by this fall. Nevertheless, when more satellites join the system, the covering zone will increase significantly.

According to Musk, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal, Australia, and New Zealand are among the regions now covered by the expanding network of earth orbit satellites. The presale deal with Starlink gives options for acquiring service in more nations as well, such as Italy, Poland, Spain, and Chile.

However, in the U.S, SpaceX Starlink is available in 94 percent of the population and 97 percent of the population in Alaska. The service is also available in parts of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Europe has a larger footprint than any other continent with SpaceX Starlink coverage reaching 98 percent of the population in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Additionally, it’s available in all but four countries on the European continent: Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City, and Andorra.

In Africa, SpaceX Starlink is available in three major countries: South Africa (98%), Nigeria (95%), Kenya (94%), and Egypt (93%).

Asia has a large percentage of its population covered by SpaceX Starlink as well with 96% of landmass covered by SpaceX Starlink.

However, if you’re interested in knowing how satellites communicate, and how orbits are sent then there are some best online learning platforms such as Coursera and Hughes, where you can get basic understanding from the high-qualified professionals.


Get Answer to the most frequently asked questions  form student and make your decision to get

The maximum fiber internet speed is 10Gbps. Although upload rates have not been announced, Starlink’s download speeds are reportedly up to 1Gbps. So, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Starlink will be faster than fiber.

Assignments are one of the essential parts of all the educational systems of the world. Student life is incomplete without the frequently assigned academic tasks. These assignments play a significant part in students’ educational careers; they enhance students’ learning, increase competency, contribute to their productivity and showcase the students’ academic worth.
Despite being much beneficial, assignments seem too bothering and burdensome to the students, when they get multiple assignments at a time. For this reason, students just rush over words to complete their assigned academic tasks which affect their overall academic performance. Here are some major mistakes that almost all the students make while doing their assignments in a hurry, which can badly affect their academic performances.

Qualities of a Good Assignment

Assignments help the students achieve their academic goals and get them to the ultimate success. But for the said purpose, the assignments that students write must have the following qualities.

Well-Researched, Well-Structured, Well-Composed

To get good grades through assignments, students must submit well-researched, well-structured, and well-composed manuscripts. It means there should be no mistakes and errors in the content. It should be clear, concise, and to the point.

Students must know the requirements for writing each type assignment and have enough knowledge of the subject so that they can produce a perfect outcome. A little negligence can lead the students to lose their academic worth. Therefore, many students with weak writing skills prefer to hire an assignment writing service to ace their assignments and sustain their academic records.

Up to the Standards of Relevant Level of Education

Assignments must match the standards of the level of education to which a student belong to. If you are writing an assignment for a higher secondary course, and your draft seems like a primary students’ write-up so your effort is of no use.

You must know what your level of education demands and work accordingly. Most international students face difficulty in meeting the standards for which they usually take assignment help from regional professionals to come up to the level.


No matter how much effort you have put into your assignments if you have missed the deadline. Students must meet the deadlines of their assignments if they want to build a good impression. Many students who are concerned with their academic growth, always try to submit their assignments even before the submission dates.

Those who are unable to manage time to complete their assignments within the deadlines may ask professionals to do my assignment but they shouldn’t miss the date at any cost. Late submissions always give a negative impact and affect your academic performance.

Common Assignment Mistakes to Be Avoided

Some of the most common assignment mistakes are as follows.

Starting Without Understanding

Sometimes students lack understanding of the assigned topic still they start working on them. There is no point in dealing with the assignments while having a confused mind. If you don’t understand the topic how you would generate unique ideas and carry out relevant research for your assignment? You need to first comprehend what you are asked to do in your assignment. You may discuss your concerns with your teacher in case of any confusion but you shouldn’t do it without proper understanding.

Ignoring Instructions

Ignoring the teachers’ instructions is also one serious assignment mistake. While writing the assignments many students forget which structure and format they were supposed to use, which referencing style was required, etc. Moreover, either they exceed the word limit or sometimes fail to match the required word count.

Further, they ignore the instructions while adding creativity to their assignments. In all cases, ignoring the instructions is insane. You must follow the prerequisite guidelines if you care about your academic performance. Many students who face difficulty in fulfilling the requirements take custom assignment help from online academic assistance platforms to save their grades.


Almost every student shows procrastinating behavior towards the assigned academic tasks. The delay in the start brings nothing but pressure and stress at the end. Students keep procrastinating their assignments till the last moment and proceed with them in a hurry at the eleventh hour. In the last movements, they can never put the best of their effort that they could, if they would have started earlier.

Many students due to the lack of motivation, procrastinate their work and then, begin to panic in the end. In such a situation they look for an assignment writing service that can help them submit their assignments on time. Students must not delay their work because if they do so, they will have to pay for it in the future in terms of missed academic deadlines and poor grades.

Unplanned Proceedings

The assignment planning involves a complete mind map of the relevant ideas and an outline of how one is going to complete his/her assignment (professionalessayservice, 2019). Students do not plan their assignments properly before starting with the research and writing procedures. It adds to their assignment difficulties and gets stuck at the midpoint.

Due to the unplanned proceedings, students miss the important points that were supposed to be added to the assignments’ content. Moreover, it slows down their work and breaks their interest in the assignment which may lead them to miss deadlines.

Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors such as tenses, articles, and punctuations seem minor but these mistakes affect the effectiveness of the assignments. Many students have weak grammar skills that don’t lead them to score well and ultimately they ask others to do my assignment. Grammar mistakes in academic writing are so common all over the world but it doesn’t mean that this mistake is unavoidable. A little effort towards improvement can save the students from making such errors in their assignments.

Using Text-Message Language

This is the age of social media that has a great influence on the students’ minds, their actions as well as their language. This is why they use e-communication informal language in their assignments as if they are texting.

This is one of the stupidest mistakes ever because the use of jargon, immature vocabulary, and incorrect grammar affects the readability of the assignments. Further, it complicates the meaning and makes it difficult to understand what the students actually want to write. It badly hurts the students’ academic performance.

Unauthentic Research

Due to the lack of research skills, students add authentic data to the research-based assignments. Instead of using scholarly sources, they collect the facts and figures from random blogs and articles that are less credible. They don’t know how to carry out thorough research and what are the reliable sources for secondary data collection.

It is better to take assignment help for research purposes than to compromise on your academic stability. Because your assignment is of no use if holds incorrect information. It will reflect your lacking and negligence that will affect your academic progress.

Irrelevant Data Integration

Relevancy of the information is one of the most important components of a good assignment. Ignoring this fact, students add irrelevant data to their assignments, sometimes due to the lack of understating of the topic and sometimes just to increase the word count. In both ways, the irrelevant information breaks the readers’ interest and distracts their focus from the main idea. Students frequently make this mistake in their assignments unknowing of the side effects of this carelessness.


You desperately wait for your marks when you know that you have done well in your assignments and coursework; so that, you can calculate your GPA and announce your success to your social circle. Obviously, it feels like you have achieved a milestone when you get good grades. But, there is no means to wait for your result if you have done plagiarism in your assignments.

Plagiarism is an unethical and immoral act. Most educational institutes strictly condemn plagiarism. This is one of the biggest assignment mistakes that can lead you to the direct ZERO. Even unintentional plagiarism also can break the worth of your assignments.

Incorrect or Missing References

Incorrect or missing references can turn your assignments to be plagiarized. Whoever misses the references or adds incorrect references to the assignments makes a deadly mistake. Students often make the mistake that they forget to cite and refer to the sources they used in the assignment research.

Or else, it is also observed that students do not note the research sources side by side which makes it difficult for them to add references in the end. Proper reference incorporation according to the required referencing style is a must.

Not Editing and Proofreading the Manuscripts

Another deadly mistake that most students make is that they submit their assignments without proper editing and proofreading their drafts. All the above-mentioned mistakes can be rectified through keen editing and proofreading. Students do not have enough time to edit and proofread their assignments. Or if somehow they manage to complete their assignments earlier still they take editing and proofreading for granted that can lead them to disaster.

Final Note

Most students unintentionally, leave several loopholes in their assignments in the form of major and minor mistakes. These errors are sometimes so negligible but can ruin the whole effort that will badly affect the students’ academic performance. Students must take the required measures to avoid these deadly assignment mistakes.

You can learn, attain academic goals, and find your ideal job with these free online learning tools. Most of all, numerous high-quality websites are available at no cost. If you want to advance in life, you must be a lifelong learner. If you aren’t pushing forward, you are slipping behind, as the expression says. The world is never still going ahead. Learning something new every day is the only way to keep up. This free educational website provides superb, free online instruction in anything from history to computing.

The best online learning systems are as follows:


Coursera is an online learning platform that collaborates with institutions and organizations all over the world. This consolidates a wide range of topics and viewpoints into a single searchable database. Coursera is a strong tool for free online education that contains courses from several prestigious institutions, museums, and foundations. As a result, the site offers a wide choice of in-depth courses.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a non-profit organization dedicated to partnering with several post-secondary institutions, provides a user-friendly, well-organized interface. Khan Academy also curates’ various courses from all over the web, providing exceptional depth on a variety of topics.


Udemy’s free courses are comparable to Coursera’s in concept, but users can also create personalized courses from lessons. Working with several prestigious academics and universities, the site combines the configurable platform of other websites with a strong focus on high-quality information. However, this is another website that offers both free and premium content.

Lifehack Academy

Lifehack is a firm believer in developing skills that help you maximize your time, effort, and general quality of life. Traditional academic skills simply do not cut it in today’s fast-paced world. You can’t afford to spend years studying a skill that you’ll never use. Lifehack’s courses will order to become a better person by teaching you cross-functional skills that can be used in a variety of situations.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth is another portal that offers courses from a variety of schools. Academic Earth, like the other sites mentioned above, draws together top-notch courses from several sources and aims at providing a diverse range of subjects. Academic Earth organizes courses by topic and school, making it easy to discover exactly what you need for any academic assignment help.


edX is another excellent resource for free online education. The site also contains outstanding, high-quality content for everyone, as it brings together courses from a variety of schools. edX offers a wide selection of topics from colleges such as Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley, allowing for a high-quality, free online education.


Alison, unlike the other sites on this list, is a free education site that offers certification in a few subjects. Alison mostly teaches business, technology, and health-related courses, but she also offers language learning courses.

Open Courseware at MIT

MIT provides several free courses. The school offers a similar number of courses as the schools listed above, as well as extensive course materials on the disciplines offered. MIT also provides free RSS feeds, which are a convenient method to keep learning.


It’s Another website dedicated to coding and app development. Code is a portal that offers high-quality courses as well as learning possibilities for children. Code also offers free online education lessons on several technical topics, in contrast to kid-friendly courses. App development, robotics, and JavaScript are among the topics covered in these classes.


TED-Ed is another excellent resource for more broad learning and online free education. A site chock-full of instructive videos comes from the same individuals who delivered you the all-encompassing, inspiring online series. The majority include amazing animation and are all under 10 minutes long.

Fun Brain

Fun Brain, which focuses on games and fun puzzles, is another wonderful option for children looking for free online education. Fun Brain’s game-based approach to math and reading, in particular, can be beneficial if the youngster in concern tries to pay focus.


It’s a free app with over 500 thousand courses ranging from primary school to university level. Education materials can be found at respected institutions like the New York Public Library. You can make notes on your materials, discuss them with others, and save your progress as you learn. But still, if you want to buy assignment you can opt for different websites as well.

Skill Share

Skill share is a great place to learn if you enjoy it. It’s an online learning platform that links you with a variety of experts and professionals based on your specific learning requirements.

Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon

The use of data-collection tools is required to obtain a credible piece of information (dissertationwritinghelp.UK, 2021) which is why the free online education site at Carnegie Mellon is equivalent to the other schools on our list. The Open Learning Initiative, on the other hand, covers a narrower variety of topics, but it does it with amazing, in-depth content.

Lesson Paths

Lesson Paths is another excellent resource for people seeking a more user-friendly and convenient approach to acquiring learning materials. Users can construct link playlists of their favorite educational resources from other websites on this platform. Users can then rank these compilations, making it simple to find a variety of high-quality, easily accessible materials on a particular subject.

Children’s National Geographic

Another service that offers free online education accessible to younger people is National Geographic’s kid’s site. A huge selection of games, puzzles, films, and photographs keep kids interested on this site for people looking for kid-friendly education.


Anything you want to learn these days can be found on YouTube. It’s a free app that lets you browse channels and discover topics that interest you. There are now more than 6,000 channels in the science and education division. There are about 2000 DIY stores (Alicia Prince, 2022). It is one of the great free online learning, especially for those on a tight budget. YouTube has also been a great help to study while I write my assignment for any course.

Podcasts from the BBC

The BBC has a wide range of podcasts on several topics for the more informal learner with great tips to motivate students. The majority of podcasts are regularly updated and cover a wide range of topics, including money, sports, and current affairs. Many episodes in various languages are available through the international range of podcasts. These podcasts are more available to the average person because they are less in-depth and theory-based.

Draw space

Draw space offers entire courses and individual classes for creatives to help them learn various drawing styles. It offers a mixture of free and paid material. You can study everything from the fundamentals of painting and drawing to advanced components, such as drawing people and even techniques like artistic expression with tea bags or mixing your colors.

Skill crush

Skill crush is a coding-focused learning platform that offers both free and paid courses in design, user experience, digital marketing, and HTML coding. The organization gives a free coding Bootcamp regularly to help individuals learn the basics and then costs for more in-depth lessons with hands-on assistance. It is intended for persons who are new to computer science and programming, thus no prior experience or coding knowledge is required.

Final Thoughts

With so many fantastic free online education tools available, anyone can improve their knowledge and skills. These tools are ideal for you if you want to learn some intriguing trivia at your next party, enhance your portfolio with some coding or professional skills, or enlighten yourself digitally to become a better-rounded person.

“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.”

Every student gets curious about what grade they will be able to achieve in their semester. Often we hear it’s better to let things “go with the flow” rather than trying to figure everything out and taking calculated risks. I tend to disagree, especially when you are a student who has their future connected with the grades they will be receiving. I remember I used to keep a keen eye on my scores and always had expected grades calculated. This helped me stay motivated and throughout my degree program.

To calculate your GPA, you must first understand what GPA is and how it works… yes, many students do not know how the grading system works and end up questioning all the grades they have received. But don’t worry, this blog will explain everything needed to understand Grade Point Average.

What is GPA?

Regardless of what educational program you are enrolled in, evaluating your grade is necessary. GPA or grade point average indicates how you are performing. It helps evaluate your performance and helps understand how much more effort is needed to achieve your goals. Usually, the GPA scale ranges between 1.0 to 4.0. Your GPA helps assess whether you have met the standards set by your institute or grading body or not.

Why Is GPA Important For Students?

As stated above, GPA helps assess whether a student has met the standards set by their institute or not. GPA also helps employers understand if the students have previously performed up to the employers’ expectation or not. A low GPA can impact your future college decision and your career. Some institutes do not entertain students with low GPAs.

A low GPA is any student’s worst nightmare because it can lead to decisions against you.

It can lead to dropping out of college that will negatively impact your career, it can take extra work to come back up from a very low GPA. Employers do not entertain a low score, hence it is recommended to keep a keen eye on your grades and aim for a great score.


KSA students often face problems with KSA grading system as each institute has its grading system. Universities in KSA grading system mostly follow a five-point grade system, where the GPA ranges from 1.0 to 5.0. Where 5.0 is the highest grade however some universities like King Fahd University follow a 4 point grading system, where 4.0 is the highest rank a student can achieve.


King Fahd University follows a four-point grading system. 4.0 is the highest grade a student can achieve. 1.0 is the passing grade, a grade below 1.00 is considered a fail.













Very Good



Above Average
















While some universities, like King Fahd University, follow a four-point grading system, most universities follow a five-point grading system where 5.00 is the highest grade. 2.00 is the lowest grade.













Very Good



Above Average

















To calculate SGPA, which is only for a single semester, you will have to multiply the point value of the letter grade by the number of credit hours. The result is the quality points earned. Add all the credit hours for the term. Add the total quality points and then divide the quality points by total credit hours.

 The final result is your SGPA.


To calculate your GPA, you will have to add the credit hours of all terms and then add the quality points of all semesters. And then divide both. The result will be your CGPA.


Calculating GPA is not that difficult since there are several online calculators. To calculate your GPA on an online GPA calculator, you can use different websites which provide assignment writing service like EDUXtream can provide GPA Calculations.

To calculate your GPA, you need to enter all your courses, the grades you have received (or expect to receive) in those courses, and then add in your credit hours and calculate.

This is what an online GPA Calculator looks like:



GPA calculators can help determine your expected grade for the semester so that you can figure out what subject needs more work. Using GPA calculators can help your set better targets as you will be well aware of what grades are required to achieve your desired result. When each semester started, I used to go through each course outline.  To set targeted grades for me, for the GPA I required that semester to maintain my CGPA of 3.75.


There are no set rules to maintaining a good GPA or achieving a high GPA. If your average GPA is lower than your expected GPA, then there are some measures you can take to score better. 1.       Many students struggle with their thesis and assignments. You can use external help to maintain a good score in your thesis and your assignments. 2.       Set realistic goals for yourself. If you are a student who has a lot on your plate and cannot focus, then make sure you set realistic goals. 3.       It is important to note that attending classes religiously and regularly is also necessary. 4.       It is crucial to organize and plan everything for each course. If everything is planned, it would be easier to achieve a better grade.


Achieving a 4 GPA requires constant effort. It is the dream of every student to have a 4.00 GPA, which can be difficult but is not unattainable. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you

  1. Be organized

    It is important to organize and plan all your coursework. You need to mark crucial deadlines and plan accordingly.

  2. Start working early

    Start working as soon as possible; you need to stop wasting time and start immediately.

  3. Be regular in your classes

    Taking classes is extremely important; you need to be present in your lectures to understand what your instructor and evaluators expect from you.

  4. Do not delay your homework.

    Often students tend to delay their assignments, homework and projects for various reasons. Be regular with your submissions.

  5. Avoid procrastinating

    Procrastination takes away most of our time, you need to get working and stop thinking.

  6. Go the extra mile

    To attain a 4.0 GPA you need to go the extra mile, do extra credit work, take extra classes if needed, and ask for help from your teacher.

  7. Do not shy away from questions

    Do not shy away from asking for extra help from your teachers. Ask questions if you do not understand anything.

  8. Tutor someone

    Tutor a class fellow whenever you have the time. It would help you understand and remember concepts better.

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Businesses spend a lot of money and time on marketing their brands. But, A smart business owner focuses on the assessment of how well their marketing tactics and strategies are working. Market research plays a major role and businesses can perform it to know the effectiveness of the marketing message. It can be later summarized in the form of marketing reports. The results are helpful to improve the business. For every market researcher, one of the biggest nightmares is when clients say that this report doesn’t address the actual issues. There are so many reports that don’t reach the hopes of the clients. This happens due to the wrong writing techniques as marketing reports should be written professionally. Marketing reports are not meant to be written in the form of storytelling. It relies on methodologies and analytics. But, some researchers don’t know how to write a marketing research report? And what the research report actually, especially those who are new in this field. So, let’s go and learn about first what it is?

What Is A Research Report?

“It is a document that is prepared by an analyst and is a well-crafted document that highlights the processes, data, and findings. It is said to be a first-hand report of the research process and considered as an objective and source of information” Now, before going on the how to write a marketing research report, let’s learn a little bit about marketing.  

What is marketing?

“Marketing is related to the activities of an organization that promotes the selling and buying of the goods or service. Advertising, selling, and delivery of the products to customers and other businesses all come under the umbrella of marketing” Now that, we are familiar with both, let’s go and see how we can write a good marketing report.

How to Write Marketing Research Report?

1. Gather the Data:

When about to start the report, make sure to gather all the data as it is the first and foremost step in writing a brilliant marketing report. Put all the data together on one page that is being acquired from the marketing research firm. Collect the survey results and the outcomes and then examine the data that were collected from various sources for demographical purposes. Investigate the information by keeping the target audience in mind.

2. An Engaging Introduction:

After gathering the data, starts writing down the main matter and a pretext that will be the synopsis of the market research and the results as well. Create an impactful introduction that explains and highlights the main business and the purpose of doing the marketing research.

3. Write All the Research Methods:

In the next section, a researcher should mention all the methods that were being used for the whole research. If surveys were being conducted, define their types and the number of them, how they were performed, who was the audience. All sets of information should be written properly in report writing.

4. Include Graphs to present the data:

Now, what you need to do is to involve some tables, graphs, and charts that explain the results more easily. This way you can represent the data in a more manageable form. It also makes your report look good to the stakeholders and gives better insights than the data written in the form of long text.

5. End the report:

It’s time when the report should be concluded if it explains all the things that are required in the marketing report. In the end, you can also give recommendations and suggestions related to the market analysis. Make sure to summarize all the results and do not add any extra information that might create confusion.  

Why Marketing Research Report is Important?

The marketing research report is important and beneficial in so many ways.
  1. It helps to gather the industry information easily.
  2. It also helps others in the company to know about the marketing performance
  3. It helps to present the data to the boss of the company in a fast manner
  4. It helps to strengthen the credibility and reputation among other companies.
  5. It also helps to get an in-depth view of various markets.
Now that we are not aware of how to write it and why it is important, let’s see what is the proper format of the marketing research report.  

Format of Marketing Research Report:

The format of the marketing research report consists of
  1. Introduction
  2. Background and the methodology
  3. Executive summary
  4. And the conclusion, with the references at the end.
Research can be conducted in 2 ways. One is the primary research and the other one is the secondary research.
  • Primary Research

“Is the research that is conducted by oneself or hiring someone to conduct it. It involves the direct source, usually the customers in your target market. Questions can be asked to gather the information. The examples of the primary research is (Interviews through telephone, online, or face to face) Business students take marketing assignments help from the online services for conducting the primary research and this is one of the good options if you want to hire someone to conduct the research instead of you. 
  • Secondary Research

Is research that has already been done, compiled, and organized by other researchers? It includes the reports and data of government agencies, case studies, past researches or other business in the industry  

The Conclusion:

That’s the way how a report should be written. Students who pursue their degree in the marketing field often face marketing report writing and opt for the marketing assignment help services for conducting the research. This way things get easy and convenient for them. But, now that you know all the details of the marketing report writing, you can write it and finish it no time. Just make sure to follow the points are you are good to go.
It is well known that writing a research paper is a challenging task. It requires you to report the research findings comprehensively. The findings must be of value to the audience. Research papers are not only written for students. They are also written for publication purposes, in scholarly journals. Since writing a research paper is an extensive task, attempting it in the correct order is important. In this post, you will learn how to write a law research paper. Before going through with the guide, individuals need to know what exactly is a research paper.

What is a Research Paper?

Research Paper is a piece of academic assignment writing. It is usually done as a requirement of the class. In research papers, you have to conduct independent research. It is based on the author’s original research and findings on the provided topic. The author should own the research, analysis, and interpretation of all the conclusions he presents.

Types Of Research Papers:

Here are a few common types of Research Papers:
  • Term Paper
  • Master thesis
  • Doctoral Thesis, etc

Importance Of Law As A Subject

The subject of law is important because it provides the learners with an opportunity to develop various skills. It gives you a chance to sharpen your mind and strengthen your understanding of the world. Studying law allows you to fight against injustice legally and be at the forefront while doing so. It encourages logical thinking and reasoning. Law also deepens your understanding across the complete range of social sciences and humanities. This subject is important for those who want to develop abstract thinking and problem-solving skills. A law degree will give you all the skills you need to become a successful lawyer. Learners can also acquire the path to become producers, politicians, managers, journalists, police officers, or diplomats. The lucrative job opportunities that law brings to you are endless. Law is useful in day-to-day life. It applies to your small transactions such as buying your morning coffee. It also applies to your bigger transactions such as negotiating an increase in salary with your boss.  

How to Write Law Research Paper?

The field of law has a lot of interesting issues to investigate on paper. The main question arises how to write a law research paper but do not worry about it. Here are a few steps that will help you out:

Step#1 – Understanding What Is Expected Of You:

First of all, you need to discover what your lecturer expects from the research paper. You should also inquire your peers and alumni about what specific lectures anticipate in their writing. For this you should be considering:
  • Length of the Research paper
  • Writing styles
  • Reference style
  • Page number
  • Font
  • Grammar
  • Page numbering
  • Spacing and Margins
  • Footnotes
You must look out for little details when writing your research paper. This is because the law is a field that is recognized for its fine print.

Step#2 – Choosing A Law Topic:

It is important to choose the topic of your research paper. This will shape most of the work that you will be doing on your research paper. Choosing a topic is not easy as it may be considered. Make sure that you pick a topic that is interesting for you. It increases the pace and effort that you are going to put into it. It is because you are more motivated to write about that certain topic. Always avoid issues that are too broad. Your paper should not look like a general overview. You can also take help with deciding your topic from the best assignment writing service near you. That way the topic you will get for your research paper will be outstanding.

Step#3 – Do Proper Research:

As soon as you have chosen a topic, start conducting the research. Start looking for credible sources regarding the subject of your paper. Read anything and everything that you find related to your topic. You should be simultaneously evaluating your sources, taking notes, and documenting your sources accordingly. Learners need to take notes of all sources they paraphrased, accurate quotations while avoiding plagiarism. If you are afraid of plagiarizing you can look for an assignment writing service to help you. You can also take help from anyone else who is well aware of the topic.

Step#4 – Write A Detailed Outline:

When you have all the information necessary to write your paper, plan a detailed outline. This is to avoid overlapping ideas and cramped up information in a passage. Think of the key points that you will need to develop to assist your working thesis statement. Look through your notes and organize the information for each subheading. Avoid adding unnecessary information and subheadings.

Step#5 – Organize Your Background Section:

The background you are going to write should be short and precise. This does not mean that you should leave out details. Your background section should start with the categorization of your course subject. Then mention the issue addressed in the paper.

Step#6 – Forget What You Learned In Class:

One thing that your law school allows you is to deconstruct what you learned in class. Your professors will still check your understanding, regarding the topics taught in their classroom. This means that you are allowed to identify the fact pattern and apply it to your class lessons. Make sure that address all your main course themes taught in your class. Not doing so will make you lose your grade.

Step#7 – Emphasise The Analysis:

After you have followed all the steps above, you will be left with a bulk of papers. This bulk of papers involves rigorous analysis. So write a quick outline of what you think should be mentioned in your analysis. Next up, ask multiple questions. Some common questions are for various situations are:
  • Why?
  • Why not?
  • Who does not support it?
  • What is the logical explanation of that thought?
  • Is that a good policy?
  • Who has to bear the risk?

Step#8 – Condense it:

Once you are done with your first draft, read it through. By doing so, you can ensure if the text is logically structured or not. You should read your first draft critically. Shorten down the extra sentences. If you fail to do so then you can take help from law assignment help services. Unsystematic research papers reduce readability and indicate a lack of effort put into it. This decreases your chance of even getting an average grade.

Step#9 – Give It A Good Conclusion:

A good conclusion for a law research paper should be critical. Most people just repeat their thesis statement and state the elements of the introduction. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, do not use exact words for them as before. You should summarize, paraphrase and stress the significance of your outcomes in the conclusion.

Step#10 – Edit And Proofread:

After you are done with writing the law research paper, print it out. Initiate proofreading and see if you have used proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The next task on your hand is to edit. Look out for:
  • Repetitions
  • Incomplete sentences
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Quotation rules obeyed
  • Comma use
  • Contractions, etc

How Can We Help in Writing Research Paper?

There are multiple ways we can help you in writing the research papers. We have a team of PhD-qualified experts who will be your consultants. They will help you write Research papers, Thesis, and assignments. Students can write the best law assignment help and research paper assistance if they follow the consultant’s advice. Our helpers have expertise in a wide variety of subjects and. They put it all to use when helping a student with their assignment.


Congratulations on making it to the end of this guide. Follow all the steps given to you on how to write a law research paper for a better grade. “ Best of luck with your law academic career!”

Motivating someone takes a lot of effort and consistency and if the ones we have to motivate are students, it takes twice the effort. In traditional schooling, if we talk about young kids, not every kid enthusiastically comes to school. Some of them come out of compulsion. It is completely upon the teachers to motivate them and make them actually want to come to school. Hence, making it more difficult because you may not always get a positive response.

What Is The Need To Motivate Students?

Students of all age groups are not easily engaged. Not every single student is driven by will or interest, sometimes teachers have to spark interest in them. Especially in modern times, when the world is constantly being digitalized and students are getting things done easily. College students can get their work done online, there are even websites that offer completion of PGCE Assignments. Amidst all this, it is quite a task to keep students engaged but it is not impossible if you get clever with your ideas.

Ideas To Motivate Students:

Below are some ideas which can help the students stay motivated:

1) Engagement:

Teaching is more than just assignments and home works, from BTEC Assignment Writing Services to tenth standard essays, everything is done online in just one click. Motivating students requires the teachers to walk an extra mile. One way to do so is engagement.  When teachers engage students, they are making students feel involved and heard. Every student is not the same, they all may not excel in the same department so teachers should make sure to involve students in the department of their interest.

2) Make Encouragement A Routine:

A simple yet effective way of motivating students is by encouraging them. Encouragement does wonder. If you recognize and appreciate the efforts of your students, it will result in them being more committed to learn out of interest. Some students may not be able to keep up with others which generates a feeling of being left out so they stop making efforts. Teachers should still find points to encourage those students so that they don’t feel unworthy.

3) Have One on One Conversations:

In a classroom, as there are many students, it is impossible to give attention to every single student. The best way to ensure everyone gets the teacher’s attention is to conduct one on one sessions. This will give teachers a chance to interact with the students alone and give them personal feedback.

4) Make Respect A Priority:

Teachers sometimes get way too harsh with students, this has adverse effects on the student’s self-esteem and confidence. This is something which should be avoided at all costs. Instead, students should be treated with equal respect. Learning should be an easy-going process. When students will feel respected it will encourage them to do the same. It’s a two-way process; give respect and take respect.

5) Make it fun:

Making learning fun is not easy but also not impossible. Games and activities could be incorporated in the usual learning ways to make it more interesting. Students who are not usually actively involved will also take interest in it and participate which will make them learn in the process.

Final Thoughts:

Motivated students are more productive. Students should be allowed to work, but teachers should be there to support them even if they fall behind. This creates a healthy learning flow and develops a sense of trust between the teacher and student. By implementing such simple yet effective ideas, major differences can be made.

A competent research problem must inscribe a subsisting gap in knowledge in your field and domain of study, and open doors to further research, every time!

nursing assignment help

To be a nursing student is to spend your days and nights amidst diligent research, paired with an immense amount of writing as there is no other way around a task such as a nursing assignment – unless of course, you avail yourself of an adequate Nursing Assignment Writing Service for good riddance. Compiling and formatting an up-to-the-mark research problem statement requisites a fair amount of effort and hard work. This task is anything but a child’s play. However, it is a well-known fact that if done right. A problem statement can actually simplify and smoothen things up significantly for a student.

What’s the abundantly correct approach towards writing a nursing research problem statement?

To be a nursing student is to spend your days and nights amidst diligent research, paired with an immense amount of writing as there is no other way around a task such as a nursing assignment – unless of course, you avail yourself of an adequate Nursing Assignment Writing Service for good riddance. Compiling and formatting an up-to-the-mark research problem statement requisites a fair amount of effort and hard work. This task is anything but a child’s play. However, it is a well-known fact that if done right. A problem statement can actually simplify and smoothen things up significantly for a student.

Step 1: Briefly Understand and Grasp Your Topic.

The first and foremost thing you must focus all your attention on is understanding the topic before you start working on the problem itself. You need to have some definite answers circling some core questions. For instance, what is the paper really about? What are your prime points of discussion? What are the factors that need to be illuminated most prominently when you begin working on the paper? What do you hope and plan to achieve from this research?
In case you find yourself conflicted and confused, a research problem statement is quite distinct from a hypothesis – which happens to be a precise, logical, and testable statement of what the researchers and/or analyzers predict will be the outcome of the study. However, in a nursing assignment, the problem statement circles and highlights the essence of the issue. And lastly, you must bear in mind that throughout your paper, you can only make use of third-person pronouns.

Step 2: List down all the details.

Before you start writing this section, carefully brainstorm all the details you want to add in here and provide those which are necessary to the problem statement. Try and set a goal to start off with an eye-catching introductory statement to gather attention your way. However, since this section is concise, do keep a track of the information you refer to and keep it persuasive.

Step 3: Provide an in-depth Analysis

Principally, the problem statement is very concise overall, yet you need to deliver your point comprehensively in all contexts of your research. Highlight details and facts circling your topic and your paper. The prime objective of pretty much any research is to shine the spotlight on a particular field of study, so by all means consider adding in and stating the relevant sector, organization, and central concerns about your topic of study. Since this is clearly time-consuming and demands attention, you can also consider seeking assistance from a renowned and trusted nursing assignment writing service out there.

Step 4: Summarize your Points

The problem statement that you set out to write for your paper must adequately pitch must under all circumstances pitch for your research subject given the fact that this is the foremost thing readers are going to read. Therefore, keep the vocabulary, tone, formatting, and composition of your inspection professional yet maneuvering. Your problem statement enables you to shed light on the research topic, its methodology, and successful achievement. In this regard, make sure that your problem statement is easy to read and relevant as per its subject.

Step 5: Clarity And Conciseness.

The problem statement is not just a casual statement with the purpose of being read out, it plays a significant role in educating the reader about the research. More so, it also elaborates the everyday workable applications of the research altogether and helps further the reasoning in your nursing paper. The most important factor that you need to focus on here is to get things straight to the point. Avoid exploring any unnecessary areas during the course of writing this section and commence simply with the core concerns of your research.

To state the obvious here, the problem statement is placed at the very beginning of the paper right after the abstract. Therefore, it must outline all the crucial features of your research. It is advisable that you consider going through some sample papers or templates available on the web for a good idea of what you need to do, and may very well be all the Nursing Assignment Help you need at your disposal. And lastly, ensure that everything you write in this section is delivered clearly.

Good Luck!

You may have heard of comparative essay, and must be thinking what on earth does it mean? How many more types of an essay can come? Questions and questions over confusion. Well, let’s kill one of those right away! How about starting with basic? Let’s learn what a comparative essay is with the best essay assignment help for students and then proceed.

What Is A Comparative Essay?

Comparative reflects the one intended to quantify or pass judgment on subjects dependent on their likenesses and contrasts to one another. Subsequently, a comparative essay is an essay that typically needs the writer to look at two subjects that have some connection regarding similitudes and contrasts. The subjects may have some nearby connection or possibly totally different. Now with our Professional Assignment Help for essays, let’s introduce some tips that will definitely make your process easier.


  • Distinguish The Premise Of Contrast

With the provided question, you need to build up the premise of the comparison. Typically, the question gives the basis of correlation. This is an overall question that you need to sort out and then analyze. Such cases require the writer to build up the premise of correlation of the two matters.
  • Build Up The Substance Of The Essay

This progression includes what you will highlight in your essay. It includes differentiating the similarities and contrasts of everything included in the examination process. Make sure to read the list thoroughly so that you can drive only the main points out of the whole. Whereas, your focus should highly be on the points connected. Those that are less important should be canceled immediately.
  • Develop A Thesis

Your essay requires the presence of a thesis statement. When you add a thesis statement, you guide the reader with your point of view. For the development of it, you should give a read to the list that contains comparisons, and detects if the subjects are similar or different. Based on it, you then develop a thesis statement.
  • Begin With The Essay Structure

Not every essay has the same structure. And when working on a comparative essay, you should keep in mind that it’s not an exception. You should arrange your essay in a manner that your comparisons are read in a flow by the readers.
  • Write Your Introductory Paragraph First

Once you are done with your thesis statement, begin with your introduction. It should be developed in such a way that it attracts the readers to read further. TIP: Create a “HOOK”. Start with a story, statement, fact, dialogue, quote, or anything interesting. Make sure that your “hook” is concerning the thesis statement.
  • Work On The Body Paragraphs

Your body paragraphs are the central attraction. Here you need to explain everything in detail. You may argue. All that you have noted in the outline would now be explained in detail. Provide supporting ideas to what you are writing and begin every paragraph with a catchy line. Remember, there shouldn’t be a jump felt while reading.
  • Time To Conclude

All your thoughts, ideas, details, etc would now be summed up here. Don’t build a very long conclusion paragraph. Don’t talk about anything new in your conclusion. This is your time to give a short recap of all discussed previously.
  • Make Editing In Your First Draft

Before submitting your final essay, give proofread your essay. If there are changes, do the editing. This editing isn’t only to what you have written. It includes all. From checking the layout to the proper structure, detecting grammatical errors, cutting unnecessary information, etc. It’s much more advisable to ask a third-party (maybe your friend) to give your essay a read. However, taking the help of a Professional Assignment Help would work as a real savior for you.


Essay writing isn’t something new for us. But, the only point where the students lack and aren’t able to produce a high-quality essay is where they make things complicated for themselves. Writing a comparative essay isn’t difficult and you may have discovered that. To make things easier, work on the tips or take an essay assignment to help for delivering the best quality essay. In any case, knowing the reality of a comparative essay is important.