Privacy Policy

EduXtream respects the privacy of their customers, therefore, we are committed to securing your data. It is our foremost responsibility to make sure you understand all of our privacy policies. To avoid security and privacy issues, we have constructed our privacy policy to bestow our customers with the best experience. Your identity privacy is our foremost priority.

Basic Security Terms

We understand your concern about the privacy and security of your personal details. It is our ethical responsibility to take care of all the data provided by you, hence our privacy policy entertains all the concerns. It is ensured that your data is secured by all means and will be kept confidential from third-parties.

  • Please note EduXtream reserves the right to alter this privacy statement at any time, therefore it is highly requested to review it thoroughly.
  • Your email address is taken for the sole purpose of carrying smooth communication with you.
  • Your email address will be kept confidential.
  • All the emails from our end are to give you the utmost benefit.

When an order is placed from your end for our assignment writing service, the initial steps carry your complete information solely for the purpose of your order fulfilment. Moreover, for the purpose of healthy communication, your email id is used to keep you updated regarding our services and discount codes.

  • All the information about students is strictly kept within the consideration of the company.
  • We ask you for the basic details such as your name, your phone number along with your Email ID.
  • The subject of your assignment as well as the wordcount assigned is required for our complete knowledge.
  • The required deadline for the submission.
  • The payment method you have chosen, along with the payment details.

Payment Security

We make sure all of our payment methods are secure for our clients

  • We accept payment via PayNote or PayPal.
  • Other options include, direct payments through your Debit or Credit card.
  • Every order of our assignment service is allotted with a unique order code to keep our client portal updated.

Policy & Alterations

  • EduXtream only has the rights to alter the policies

Cookie Policy

When you visit our website, a small chunk of your data is stored as a part of cookies. If you don’t wish to share the data, you can disable the setting from your browser.

How to Disable Cookies from the Site?

If you don’t want the cookies to record your information, you can turn it off or disable it.

Open the settings and select the privacy & security option. Choose cookies and other site data and then remove all the cookies by clicking on clear all.

The information of the client may be disclosed to legal authority in case of the client making the use of the delivered assignment for illicit or commercial purposes.

For any further query, contact our customer representatives right away!

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