Excellent Marketing Dissertation Topics and Examples for Students for 2023

Marketing Dissertation Topics

The field of marketing is quite diverse. It now includes all aspects of digital marketing, including content and social media ones, as well. It’s crucial to keep in mind that our dissertation writing service can deliver exact work when you find yourself in a difficult situation and unable to select marketing dissertation topics for your paper.

Papers cover certain marketing specialties, tactics, case studies, and unusual circumstances when you are working on dissertation on marketing strategies. As a student, you can use your research paper assignment to demonstrate your capacity for independent thought, the ability to locate and use reliable sources of information, and the ability to analyze data.

You may do all of these duties more easily by picking the appropriate marketing research topics. You’ll find a selection of more than 10 influential marketing dissertation topics below that have been carefully chosen by our knowledgeable team.


List of 10 Marketing Research Paper Topics for your Project

We have listed the most interesting marketing research paper topcis by a thorough researched. You can select anyone topic that is relevant from your project. Beside this, you can also contact to our professional writer for free customized topics according to your requirement.

Research Aims and Objectives

The goal of this marketing research topics is to examine the function of communication methods in the UK fashion marketing industry. This will also help us discover how to explain new fashion remanufacturing to consumers. concentrating on the best way to label information and messages about companies or items to draw customers.

Research Aims and Objectives

The purpose of this marketing thesis topics is to determine the current state of esports marketing and its potential. The combined efforts of gaming firms, athletes, and various online communities will also be examined, along with how they contribute significantly to upholding and enhancing the value of Esports fandom. by utilizing various tactics, it will demonstrate how esports have a positive social influence

Research Aims and Objectives

Cultural variations among nations present difficulties for international marketing. The purpose of this study is to better comprehend the profound influence that brand marketing has on people’s cultural ideas and attitudes in a globalized society. It will give an understanding of how local and global consumer cultures interact, how many consumer behaviors are influenced by these interactions, and how these interactions affect how consumers make decisions.

Research Aims and Objectives

It is crucial to comprehend these behaviors since sometimes interactions with pharmacists might lead to unethical behavior. Pharmaceutical items are sensitive to advertising, and even modest transgressions can damage the public’s perception of the sector. Through quantitative research analysis, the current social media marketing research topics study will look at the difficulties encountered and the major ethical dilemmas that arise during the marketing of pharmaceutical products, with a focus on the UK pharmaceutical sector.

Research Aims and Objectives

Fast fashion is a concept in which merchants focus on their business plans, shortening the time it takes for products to arrive in stores, and adopting an in-season purchasing strategy to keep the products on the market updated throughout the season. This study focuses on Zara because it is the most well-known brand among customers to determine the impact or influence of fast fashion and retail outlets on one another. In addition to examining how fast fashion is adapted in the retail industry and disseminated to consumers, this article will also examine what happens to it once it is supplied to retail stores.

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

Research Aims and Objectives

The study will look at the key moments in Indian film history that contributed to its success on a worldwide scale. Starting in the 1930s, the article will analyze its market-driven victory over Hollywood imports. The essay will also look at the socially nationalist viewpoints expressed in 1950s Bollywood movies.

Research Aims and Objectives

Of all the social media marketing methods, Facebook advertising is thought to be the most effective. Facebook is regarded as a powerful tool for several reasons. In this study, each of these will be covered in discussion, analysis, and evaluation.

Research Aims and Objectives

Online marketing is not included in the traditional marketing mix. The significance of social media and online marketing in today’s business environment, as well as the place of online retailers in the marketing mix, will be discussed in this study.

Research Aims and Objectives

social media helps people connect and network, but it also gives businesses a way to communicate with their clients. This study will discuss how businesses can use it to cultivate relationships with their clients.

Research Aims and Objectives

The newest fashion is social media marketing. But does it produce outcomes? This will be the main subject of this social media marketing topics, and the outcomes of online and conventional marketing strategies will be contrasted.


How to Choose a Relevant Topic for Your Research?

You should discover how to find the best marketing dissertation topics before you begin browsing on internet. You should take into account the following advice:

Interests and passions come first – If there is a certain area of marketing thesis topics that interests you, choose it as your focus. When you are interested in anything, research will excite you, and you will go further to locate papers that support your assertions

Narrow it down – Once you have a general understanding of your issue, you need to narrow your marketing research paper topics down. For instance, since influencer marketing is a broad subject, you might be interested in it. A more focused query would be “Is influencer marketing the most effective social media method from the ROI perspective?”

Search marketing research topics through online directories of marketing – Essay themes to find concepts that are directly relevant to both your general and more focused issues. Reading lists like this one is the best way to find inspiration. There are countless possible themes for your essay, and you’ll probably find at least a few that pique your curiosity.

Select a topic – The best choice is one that has been thoroughly researched in addition to being one that motivates you out of several marketing research paper topics. You will have a sufficient number of references to quote in support of well-researched subjects. To add to the field, it will be simpler for you to recognize specific aspects that have not yet been thoroughly investigated. Check out relevant EI and BSC online academic databases.


Finding the ideal research topic is not always as simple as it may seem. The purpose of this list of 10 marketing dissertation examples is to simplify the process for you. When selecting a topic, remember to take your research paper requirements into account. The best course of action is to choose a well-researched issue that interests you. The skilled writers at Eduxtream are available to assist you if you are unable to finish your project before the due date.

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