Best HRM Research Topics for Human Resource Management Students

HRM Research Topics

In the Saudi Arabia, more than 250,000 people are working in human resources, and there are millions around the world. It is impossible to overstate the significance of the HR department, whose primary objective is to improve and inspire the company’s workforce to achieve success. Because of this, your HR topics for research project present a fantastic opportunity to examine the nuances of creating the workplace as the foundation for a successful company from A to Z.

The subject of human resources is undoubtedly difficult. From one side, it is sharply focused, while from the other, it is still extensive. Check over our lists of HRM research topics to choose your favorite if you’re unsure which parts are important to elaborate on.

List of Good HR Thesis Topics in Human Resource Management for MBA Student

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Research Aims and Objectives

Employee engagement refers to a person’s commitment and love for their work. Investigating employee engagement in customer loyalty in the service-based business is important because it occurs in a sector where employees’ performance has a significant impact on the quality of services provided. To determine employee participation in customer loyalty, survey-based research will be used in this study.

Research Aims and Objectives

In contrast to permanent payroll staff, businesses now hire freelancers and contract employees. Hiring such a staff can result in several cost advantages. However, such a workforce might not be equipped with the necessary abilities to do a task as efficiently as a professional crew would. The current study, therefore, focuses on determining how a contingent workforce’s performance in the IT industry is affected by it.

Research Aims and Objectives

Employee well-being at work is essential for both their mental health and productivity. Based on a survey of employees and managers in service-based businesses, this study will pinpoint the variables that potentially worsen employees’ mental health problems at work.

Research Aims and Objectives

Leaders and business owners have acknowledged the value of training and developing their staff to fit with the organizational objectives to achieve organizational objectives and milestones. The purpose of this study is to examine the value of employee development and training programs and their effects on an organization’s ability to survive economic downturns.

Research Aims and Objectives

Technology has altered how businesses conduct their operations. Many firms have implemented various strategies and procedures to find talented employees as a result of this change. This study seeks to ascertain how online digital platforms have made it easier and more productive for businesses to find personnel.

Research Aims and Objectives

Regardless of size or nature, a high employee turnover rate has always been a serious worry for many firms. Finding and keeping a valuable and talented employee can be challenging. It has been discovered, nonetheless, that several reasons can lead an employee to look for a new position. In light of this phenomenon, the current study will examine the elements that have a direct bearing on an employee’s decision to leave a job.

Research Aims and Objectives

The employment atmosphere has undergone a significant transformation from a rigid and traditional style to one that is more flexible in today’s modern period. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to objectively evaluate workplace flexibility and its effects on both employee and organizational performance.

Research Aims and Objectives

The most crucial aspect of HR procedures is generally agreed to be job happiness and employee motivation. Employee satisfaction, retention, and motivation are the primary goals of HR policies. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to compare the motivational variables and job satisfaction of employees in public and private firms.

Research Aims and Objectives

In the present COVID-19 environment, this research is very beneficial. COVID-19 is affecting organizations all around the world, and many of them are currently shuttered. The current study will concentrate on employing various virtual employee management strategies that businesses might apply in the current COVID-19 environment. Organizations in virtually all business sectors will benefit from using these strategies.

Research Aims and Objectives

The purpose of this study is to examine the advantages of leaders at Morrisons utilizing transformational leadership to boost organizational creativity. This study will investigate the benefits of transformational leadership and how leaders may use them to foster more inventiveness throughout their organizations.


Advice for Choosing the Most Effective Human Resource Research Topics

Selecting a research topic for HRM dissertation is a complicated process because you need to keep in mind many aspects. Our experts mentioned the key points when you need to select a research topic for your project.

Choose Topic with your Interest

A strong thesis first and foremost begins with your motivation to work. You will gain from selecting research topics in human resource management for MBA that interests you for this reason. Although it may seem a little complicated at first, a deeper examination reveals that there are numerous aspects of the field of human resources that are related, including social issues, psychology, technology, and many more. Why not write a case study about your preferred company?

Availability of Information

Make sure your desired HRM research topics have enough resources. There could not be enough research on some aspects of it, and you won’t have enough resources. Consider changing to a different topic or broadening your current one in this circumstance.

Discuss with Your Classmate

Your co-workers and friends might also be a big assistance. A new perspective can help you conduct a creative search if you have spent hours trying to define the topic.

Ask from our Professionals:

Finally, you can speak with the professionals of our dissertation writing service. They can assist you in determining what you are willing to work on in your human resource research topics, lead you through any challenges, and offer guidance on how to best express the subject.


To achieve the highest grades within HR research topics, students strive to write the finest paper they can. It is essential that you focus your writing on new concepts and pressing concerns. To make your efforts more valuable, this is done. Dissertation themes in human resources fall within a fairly broad category.

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