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Fun and Impressive Ideas To Motivate Students

Fun and Impressive Ideas To Motivate Students

Motivating someone takes a lot of effort and consistency and if the ones we have to motivate are students, it takes twice the effort. In traditional schooling, if we talk about young kids, not every kid enthusiastically comes to school. Some of them come out of compulsion. It is completely upon the teachers to motivate them and make them actually want to come to school. Hence, making it more difficult because you may not always get a positive response.

What Is The Need To Motivate Students?

Students of all age groups are not easily engaged. Not every single student is driven by will or interest, sometimes teachers have to spark interest in them. Especially in modern times, when the world is constantly being digitalized and students are getting things done easily. College students can get their work done online, there are even websites that offer completion of PGCE Assignments. Amidst all this, it is quite a task to keep students engaged but it is not impossible if you get clever with your ideas.

Ideas To Motivate Students:

Below are some ideas which can help the students stay motivated:

1) Engagement:

Teaching is more than just assignments and home works, from BTEC Assignment Writing Services to tenth standard essays, everything is done online in just one click. Motivating students requires the teachers to walk an extra mile. One way to do so is engagement.  When teachers engage students, they are making students feel involved and heard. Every student is not the same, they all may not excel in the same department so teachers should make sure to involve students in the department of their interest.

2) Make Encouragement A Routine:

A simple yet effective way of motivating students is by encouraging them. Encouragement does wonder. If you recognize and appreciate the efforts of your students, it will result in them being more committed to learn out of interest. Some students may not be able to keep up with others which generates a feeling of being left out so they stop making efforts. Teachers should still find points to encourage those students so that they don’t feel unworthy.

3) Have One on One Conversations:

In a classroom, as there are many students, it is impossible to give attention to every single student. The best way to ensure everyone gets the teacher’s attention is to conduct one on one sessions. This will give teachers a chance to interact with the students alone and give them personal feedback.

4) Make Respect A Priority:

Teachers sometimes get way too harsh with students, this has adverse effects on the student’s self-esteem and confidence. This is something which should be avoided at all costs. Instead, students should be treated with equal respect. Learning should be an easy-going process. When students will feel respected it will encourage them to do the same. It’s a two-way process; give respect and take respect.

5) Make it fun:

Making learning fun is not easy but also not impossible. Games and activities could be incorporated in the usual learning ways to make it more interesting. Students who are not usually actively involved will also take interest in it and participate which will make them learn in the process.

Final Thoughts:

Motivated students are more productive. Students should be allowed to work, but teachers should be there to support them even if they fall behind. This creates a healthy learning flow and develops a sense of trust between the teacher and student. By implementing such simple yet effective ideas, major differences can be made.