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Deadly Assignment Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Academic Performance

Deadly Assignment Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Academic Performance

Assignments are one of the essential parts of all the educational systems of the world. Student life is incomplete without the frequently assigned academic tasks. These assignments play a significant part in students’ educational careers; they enhance students’ learning, increase competency, contribute to their productivity and showcase the students’ academic worth.
Despite being much beneficial, assignments seem too bothering and burdensome to the students, when they get multiple assignments at a time. For this reason, students just rush over words to complete their assigned academic tasks which affect their overall academic performance. Here are some major mistakes that almost all the students make while doing their assignments in a hurry, which can badly affect their academic performances.

Qualities of a Good Assignment

Assignments help the students achieve their academic goals and get them to the ultimate success. But for the said purpose, the assignments that students write must have the following qualities.

Well-Researched, Well-Structured, Well-Composed

To get good grades through assignments, students must submit well-researched, well-structured, and well-composed manuscripts. It means there should be no mistakes and errors in the content. It should be clear, concise, and to the point.

Students must know the requirements for writing each type assignment and have enough knowledge of the subject so that they can produce a perfect outcome. A little negligence can lead the students to lose their academic worth. Therefore, many students with weak writing skills prefer to hire an assignment writing service to ace their assignments and sustain their academic records.

Up to the Standards of Relevant Level of Education

Assignments must match the standards of the level of education to which a student belong to. If you are writing an assignment for a higher secondary course, and your draft seems like a primary students’ write-up so your effort is of no use.

You must know what your level of education demands and work accordingly. Most international students face difficulty in meeting the standards for which they usually take assignment help from regional professionals to come up to the level.


No matter how much effort you have put into your assignments if you have missed the deadline. Students must meet the deadlines of their assignments if they want to build a good impression. Many students who are concerned with their academic growth, always try to submit their assignments even before the submission dates.

Those who are unable to manage time to complete their assignments within the deadlines may ask professionals to do my assignment but they shouldn’t miss the date at any cost. Late submissions always give a negative impact and affect your academic performance.

Common Assignment Mistakes to Be Avoided

Some of the most common assignment mistakes are as follows.

Starting Without Understanding

Sometimes students lack understanding of the assigned topic still they start working on them. There is no point in dealing with the assignments while having a confused mind. If you don’t understand the topic how you would generate unique ideas and carry out relevant research for your assignment? You need to first comprehend what you are asked to do in your assignment. You may discuss your concerns with your teacher in case of any confusion but you shouldn’t do it without proper understanding.

Ignoring Instructions

Ignoring the teachers’ instructions is also one serious assignment mistake. While writing the assignments many students forget which structure and format they were supposed to use, which referencing style was required, etc. Moreover, either they exceed the word limit or sometimes fail to match the required word count.

Further, they ignore the instructions while adding creativity to their assignments. In all cases, ignoring the instructions is insane. You must follow the prerequisite guidelines if you care about your academic performance. Many students who face difficulty in fulfilling the requirements take custom assignment help from online academic assistance platforms to save their grades.


Almost every student shows procrastinating behavior towards the assigned academic tasks. The delay in the start brings nothing but pressure and stress at the end. Students keep procrastinating their assignments till the last moment and proceed with them in a hurry at the eleventh hour. In the last movements, they can never put the best of their effort that they could, if they would have started earlier.

Many students due to the lack of motivation, procrastinate their work and then, begin to panic in the end. In such a situation they look for an assignment writing service that can help them submit their assignments on time. Students must not delay their work because if they do so, they will have to pay for it in the future in terms of missed academic deadlines and poor grades.

Unplanned Proceedings

The assignment planning involves a complete mind map of the relevant ideas and an outline of how one is going to complete his/her assignment (professionalessayservice, 2019). Students do not plan their assignments properly before starting with the research and writing procedures. It adds to their assignment difficulties and gets stuck at the midpoint.

Due to the unplanned proceedings, students miss the important points that were supposed to be added to the assignments’ content. Moreover, it slows down their work and breaks their interest in the assignment which may lead them to miss deadlines.

Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors such as tenses, articles, and punctuations seem minor but these mistakes affect the effectiveness of the assignments. Many students have weak grammar skills that don’t lead them to score well and ultimately they ask others to do my assignment. Grammar mistakes in academic writing are so common all over the world but it doesn’t mean that this mistake is unavoidable. A little effort towards improvement can save the students from making such errors in their assignments.

Using Text-Message Language

This is the age of social media that has a great influence on the students’ minds, their actions as well as their language. This is why they use e-communication informal language in their assignments as if they are texting.

This is one of the stupidest mistakes ever because the use of jargon, immature vocabulary, and incorrect grammar affects the readability of the assignments. Further, it complicates the meaning and makes it difficult to understand what the students actually want to write. It badly hurts the students’ academic performance.

Unauthentic Research

Due to the lack of research skills, students add authentic data to the research-based assignments. Instead of using scholarly sources, they collect the facts and figures from random blogs and articles that are less credible. They don’t know how to carry out thorough research and what are the reliable sources for secondary data collection.

It is better to take assignment help for research purposes than to compromise on your academic stability. Because your assignment is of no use if holds incorrect information. It will reflect your lacking and negligence that will affect your academic progress.

Irrelevant Data Integration

Relevancy of the information is one of the most important components of a good assignment. Ignoring this fact, students add irrelevant data to their assignments, sometimes due to the lack of understating of the topic and sometimes just to increase the word count. In both ways, the irrelevant information breaks the readers’ interest and distracts their focus from the main idea. Students frequently make this mistake in their assignments unknowing of the side effects of this carelessness.


You desperately wait for your marks when you know that you have done well in your assignments and coursework; so that, you can calculate your GPA and announce your success to your social circle. Obviously, it feels like you have achieved a milestone when you get good grades. But, there is no means to wait for your result if you have done plagiarism in your assignments.

Plagiarism is an unethical and immoral act. Most educational institutes strictly condemn plagiarism. This is one of the biggest assignment mistakes that can lead you to the direct ZERO. Even unintentional plagiarism also can break the worth of your assignments.

Incorrect or Missing References

Incorrect or missing references can turn your assignments to be plagiarized. Whoever misses the references or adds incorrect references to the assignments makes a deadly mistake. Students often make the mistake that they forget to cite and refer to the sources they used in the assignment research.

Or else, it is also observed that students do not note the research sources side by side which makes it difficult for them to add references in the end. Proper reference incorporation according to the required referencing style is a must.

Not Editing and Proofreading the Manuscripts

Another deadly mistake that most students make is that they submit their assignments without proper editing and proofreading their drafts. All the above-mentioned mistakes can be rectified through keen editing and proofreading. Students do not have enough time to edit and proofread their assignments. Or if somehow they manage to complete their assignments earlier still they take editing and proofreading for granted that can lead them to disaster.

Final Note

Most students unintentionally, leave several loopholes in their assignments in the form of major and minor mistakes. These errors are sometimes so negligible but can ruin the whole effort that will badly affect the students’ academic performance. Students must take the required measures to avoid these deadly assignment mistakes.