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100+ Creative Podcast Topics Ideas in 2023

100+ Creative Podcast Topics Ideas in 2023

With the advent of advanced technologies in numerous sectors the podcasting industry is thriving. According to data provided by Podcast Insights, there are currently over 2 million active podcasts. Additionally, almost 6 out of 10 American consumers who are over 12 how to listen to podcasts. Not only do you have a large audience to attract, but you also have a huge list of podcast topics to put your own spin on.

However, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas for the podcast OR podcast episode, whether you are an experienced podcaster or a newbie. You may have to go through tons of Best podcasts 2022 to get some inspiration. You MUST decide what to focus on before launching your show. To attract your ideal listener, you must make sure that every audio file you publish is ADDICTIVE and enriches their lives.

This blog aims to assist you in coming up with the best podcast ideas. There are some great podcast ideas and some less interesting ones. Before we begin, if you’re looking for a podcast topic, you’re probably looking for someone to help you choose a podcast topic… then request a podcast proposal from comedy podcasts uk based: podcast agency.

No matter your industry or subject area, we’ll provide you with a ton of podcast idea suggestions in this article. To get you started, here are 100 Top rated podcasts 2023 to help you grow your loyal listener base. Let’s get started…

100+ Creative Podcast ideas (Based on most popular podcasts 2022)

  1. A Specific Location Or Person

According to studies, having a high emotional capacity is about being able to understand one’s own and other’s feelings which is in actuality a significant component of personal success (Brackett et al., 2011). So you can discuss specific locations such as the gym, a salon, or a restaurant, and specific groups such as teachers or parents to get emotionally attached to your audience.

  1. Review Books Or Films

You can create a podcast in which you criticize books or movies and rate them on a scale.

  1. Discuss Podcasting

You can discuss how to start a podcast, where to get supplies, how to listen to podcasts, and other podcasting topics.

  1. Time-Based

You can create a podcast for a specific time, such as the morning or the evening.

  1. Board Public Transportation And Question The Drivers

Talk to the bus drivers and ask them about their experiences and motivations.

  1. Discuss A New Skill or Hobby.

You can discuss a new skill and walk your audience through the learning process.

  1. A Visual Representation Of Various Locations

Begin a podcast in which you discuss your travels.

  1. Tell Various Stories About Your Sponsors

You can conduct company staff interviews or discuss a company’s products.

  1. Daily Scriptural Readings

Every day, read a scripture passage to your audience.

  1. Narrative Podcast

This is your chance to create your own long-form spoken narrative!

  1. Emphasis On What’s Local To You

You might report on local politics, neighborhood events, or even neighborhood projects.

  1. Launch A Quiz Program

Here, you can describe various objects to your audience and ask them to identify them.

  1. Keep Track Of Your Daily Activities

You can document your daily activities to let others in on what you do and what you talk about.

  1. Preparing

A podcast about getting ready explains how you, or people in general, get ready for any kind of event.

  1. Offers Viewpoints

You can bring in panelists to debate a subject.

  1. Comedy

Begin a podcast in which you tell various amusing stories and jokes.

  1. Examine Newspaper Articles

You can read through newspaper articles. It could be amusing headlines, ridiculous stories, or any other type of news.

  1. Current Events

Discuss the events both before and after they occur.

  1. Go Over Specific Groups

Attend meetings of specific groups to get an insider’s perspective.

  1. A Shop-Related Podcast

Interview store owners for a podcast about retail. Discuss their difficulties and the minimum wage.

  1. About Travel

Begin a travel podcast.

  1. About Football Or Soccer

In order to differentiate yourself from other people, you can draw on this.

  1. The Sport’s Business Side

Describe the amount and distribution of money that teams of people make.

  1. News From A Small Town

Report on local town news.

  1. Politics

You can choose any story that interests you and analyze it from your point of view.

  1. Law

You could launch a podcast to inform listeners about new laws, how they are being applied, and their implications.

  1. Celebrity News

You can capitalize on this by reporting and analyzing celebrity news on your show.

  1. An Uninformed Viewpoint

Asking people who have no prior knowledge of a topic for their opinion on it is an exciting podcasting concept.

  1. Best List

Make a list of anything you want, and then order the items according to your judgment or the information at hand.

  1. Bring Together People Who Have Something In Common

Find people with whom you share interests.

  1. A Generational Perspective

Get the responses of the parents and the kids. It will be fascinating to hear the opposing viewpoint.

  1. About Recreational Activities In Your Area

There are always a few recreational activities in your area. You could discuss them.

  1. Pets

Begin a podcast discussing pet care or your love for them.

  1. The Outdoors

You could record a podcast that covers everything that occurs outside.

  1. Quick Information

Create a podcast that is 5 to 10 minutes long and packed with information.

  1. Analyses Other Podcasts

By analyzing other most popular podcasts 2022 episodes and shows, you might become a thought leader in the podcasting industry.

  1. Budget Travel

You could start a budget travel podcast where you provide advice.

  1. Random Interviews

You can start a podcast in which you interview strangers about various topics.

  1. Birthday Matching

A podcast dedicated to birthdays and assisting people in finding birthday partners.

  1. Conduct Skilled Interviews

A podcast where experts discuss how they learned their skills and how it has affected their lives. For this, you can talk to PhD assignment help writers.

  1. Life

You might start a podcast where you discuss your life up to that point.

  1. Housework

A podcast about housework and hacks.

  1. A Neighbor

A podcast in which you discuss your interactions with your neighbors.

  1. Respond To Audience Questions

You could host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) in the Reddit style, during which people can message you with specific inquiries.

  1. Discuss Your Guilty Pleasures

Discuss your guilty pleasures and inquire about the guilty pleasures of others.

  1. Technology

Discuss new product models, improvements to current models, and the prospects for various industries.

  1. Attend Live Events

Attend live events and write about them.

  1. Entrepreneurs And Founders

A podcast in which entrepreneurs and founders are interviewed about how they started and succeeded in their businesses.

  1. An Unbiased Podcast

A podcast that examines issues objectively.

  1. Asmr

A podcast in which you mutter to your audience.

  1. One Of My Favorite Activity

A podcast about the experiences you have doing the things you love.

  1. Mention Trying New Things

You can keep track of what you’ve tried and the steps you took to get there.

  1. The Truth

Finding the truth about a problem is the goal of a podcast.

  1. A Bad Boss

You can speak with former subordinates and publish their testimonies.

  1. What Happens Behind The Scenes In The Lives Of Celebrities?

By delving into the background and sharing untold tales, you can offer a novel viewpoint.

  1. Fictional

A podcast discussing fictional circumstances and your potential responses to them

  1. TV Commercials

You can launch a podcast where you evaluate TV commercials and rank them according to the parameters you specify.

  1. Advice

Many people face difficult challenges in their lives. You can address these concerns and offer people advice.

  1. A Daily Quote Podcast

You could share something motivating.

  1. Past Events

A podcast discussing the impact of historical events on the present.

  1. Educators

A podcast in which you teach new things to people.

  1. Discuss Blogs

A podcast in which the blog of digital marketing assignment help type services produce is examined.

  1. Day Trip

A podcast in which you discuss planned outings.

  1. Business

A podcast that discusses current events in a specific industry.

  1. Road Trip

An audio podcast detailing your travels.

  1. A Devil’s Advocate

You can pick up any issue and examine it from a different angle.

  1. Review

A podcast that offers reviews of various items, such as restaurants, books, and locations.

  1. Major Players

Start a podcast to discuss the important players in a particular sector.

  1. Explores A Person’s Day

Concentrate on one person for a day and follow them.

  1. Hiking And Camping

A podcast about hiking and camping adventures.

  1. Sailing

A podcast detailing sailing adventures.

  1. Welding

If you have experience in this field, you could share it.

  1. Wild Animals

An informational podcast on wild animals.

  1. Do-It-Yourself

As there are countless Do It Yourself projects, you could discuss a wide range of subjects.

  1. Musical Instruments

To teach and show beginners various techniques, you could start a podcast.

  1. Weather

A podcast discussing the weather.

  1. Adventure

A podcast about extreme sports such as rock climbing, and skydiving.

  1. Home

A podcast about homes, their maintenance, and how to buy one.

  1.  An Urban Farming

You could talk about it on your podcast.

  1. Book Summary

For listeners who don’t have time to read, a podcast offers a book summary.

  1. Smart People

A podcast that discusses the accomplishments of intelligent people.

  1. Health

A health and well-being podcast.

  1. Bizarre Events

You can talk about the many bizarre things that occur in your podcast.

  1. A Religious Viewpoint

You can discuss what’s going on in the world and consider it spiritually.

  1. A Cooking

A podcast about food from various locations and types of food.

  1. Foreign Dish

A podcast describing various cuisines’ preparation methods.

  1. Feminism

You could interview feminist academics, activists, and authors on your program.

  1. Human Rights

A podcast about your fundamental human rights.

  1. Astrology

The meaning of each star can be explained in great detail to the public.

  1. Workout

A fitness podcast that discusses how to stay fit.

  1. Families

A podcast that discusses family issues and family life.

  1. A Sports Comedy

Many people would tune in to a humorous sports podcast.

  1. Date Night

A podcast about date night and getting a second date.

  1. Fantasy

A podcast that tells fantasy stories.

  1. Mind-Expanding

A podcast for the mind and soul.

  1. Couples

A podcast about what happens between couples.

  1. Retirement

You can assist people in preparing for retirement by informing them of what to expect.

  1. A Human Resources

A podcast about the life and times of an HR Manager.

  1. Siblings

Keep a record of what occurs between siblings, including fights and reconciliations.

  1. Recruitment

Each year, more recent graduates enter the workforce; as a result, they must understand the job market as well as how to apply for jobs.

  1. Kids

Make audio entertainment for kids by telling silly stories, solving puzzles, or learning fun facts.

Wrapping up

That’s all there! We sincerely hope that this comprehensive list of podcast suggestions for 2023 has inspired you to start writing without any help from business assignment help. Just keep in mind that if you approach any topic with passion and high production value, you’ll undoubtedly find an audience that shares your enthusiasm for it.


Comedy is one of the Best podcasts 2022, but news, science, true crime, pop culture, and health are also popular.

Overall, there are 7 types of podcasts but the common ones are only 3 that are:

  • Narratives
  • Conversations
  • Fictions

Creating a podcast and earning money from it is definitely possible. The most popular podcasts monetize themselves using a variety of techniques. You could even make your podcasting hobby a successful source of income with the right approaches and persistence.

Anchor is a free podcasting service. The platform even automatically distributes your show to Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, and some other podcast players, so there is no cost to start a podcast on it.

Yes, Spotify offers a podcast subscription service that allows creators to get paid. Spotify’s paid subscription service via Anchor allows creators to monetize their podcasts by offering exclusive paid content.

A computer with an internet connection, a microphone, a microphone stand, headphones, a mixer, acoustic treatments, and recording and editing software are the basic items you should have when starting a podcast.