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20 Best Online Learning Platforms You Need To Try

20 Best Online Learning Platforms You Need To Try

You can learn, attain academic goals, and find your ideal job with these free online learning tools. Most of all, numerous high-quality websites are available at no cost. If you want to advance in life, you must be a lifelong learner. If you aren’t pushing forward, you are slipping behind, as the expression says. The world is never still going ahead. Learning something new every day is the only way to keep up. This free educational website provides superb, free online instruction in anything from history to computing.

The best online learning systems are as follows:


Coursera is an online learning platform that collaborates with institutions and organizations all over the world. This consolidates a wide range of topics and viewpoints into a single searchable database. Coursera is a strong tool for free online education that contains courses from several prestigious institutions, museums, and foundations. As a result, the site offers a wide choice of in-depth courses.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a non-profit organization dedicated to partnering with several post-secondary institutions, provides a user-friendly, well-organized interface. Khan Academy also curates’ various courses from all over the web, providing exceptional depth on a variety of topics.


Udemy’s free courses are comparable to Coursera’s in concept, but users can also create personalized courses from lessons. Working with several prestigious academics and universities, the site combines the configurable platform of other websites with a strong focus on high-quality information. However, this is another website that offers both free and premium content.

Lifehack Academy

Lifehack is a firm believer in developing skills that help you maximize your time, effort, and general quality of life. Traditional academic skills simply do not cut it in today’s fast-paced world. You can’t afford to spend years studying a skill that you’ll never use. Lifehack’s courses will order to become a better person by teaching you cross-functional skills that can be used in a variety of situations.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth is another portal that offers courses from a variety of schools. Academic Earth, like the other sites mentioned above, draws together top-notch courses from several sources and aims at providing a diverse range of subjects. Academic Earth organizes courses by topic and school, making it easy to discover exactly what you need for any academic assignment help.


edX is another excellent resource for free online education. The site also contains outstanding, high-quality content for everyone, as it brings together courses from a variety of schools. edX offers a wide selection of topics from colleges such as Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley, allowing for a high-quality, free online education.


Alison, unlike the other sites on this list, is a free education site that offers certification in a few subjects. Alison mostly teaches business, technology, and health-related courses, but she also offers language learning courses.

Open Courseware at MIT

MIT provides several free courses. The school offers a similar number of courses as the schools listed above, as well as extensive course materials on the disciplines offered. MIT also provides free RSS feeds, which are a convenient method to keep learning.


It’s Another website dedicated to coding and app development. Code is a portal that offers high-quality courses as well as learning possibilities for children. Code also offers free online education lessons on several technical topics, in contrast to kid-friendly courses. App development, robotics, and JavaScript are among the topics covered in these classes.


TED-Ed is another excellent resource for more broad learning and online free education. A site chock-full of instructive videos comes from the same individuals who delivered you the all-encompassing, inspiring online series. The majority include amazing animation and are all under 10 minutes long.

Fun Brain

Fun Brain, which focuses on games and fun puzzles, is another wonderful option for children looking for free online education. Fun Brain’s game-based approach to math and reading, in particular, can be beneficial if the youngster in concern tries to pay focus.


It’s a free app with over 500 thousand courses ranging from primary school to university level. Education materials can be found at respected institutions like the New York Public Library. You can make notes on your materials, discuss them with others, and save your progress as you learn. But still, if you want to buy assignment you can opt for different websites as well.

Skill Share

Skill share is a great place to learn if you enjoy it. It’s an online learning platform that links you with a variety of experts and professionals based on your specific learning requirements.

Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon

The use of data-collection tools is required to obtain a credible piece of information (dissertationwritinghelp.UK, 2021) which is why the free online education site at Carnegie Mellon is equivalent to the other schools on our list. The Open Learning Initiative, on the other hand, covers a narrower variety of topics, but it does it with amazing, in-depth content.

Lesson Paths

Lesson Paths is another excellent resource for people seeking a more user-friendly and convenient approach to acquiring learning materials. Users can construct link playlists of their favorite educational resources from other websites on this platform. Users can then rank these compilations, making it simple to find a variety of high-quality, easily accessible materials on a particular subject.

Children’s National Geographic

Another service that offers free online education accessible to younger people is National Geographic’s kid’s site. A huge selection of games, puzzles, films, and photographs keep kids interested on this site for people looking for kid-friendly education.


Anything you want to learn these days can be found on YouTube. It’s a free app that lets you browse channels and discover topics that interest you. There are now more than 6,000 channels in the science and education division. There are about 2000 DIY stores (Alicia Prince, 2022). It is one of the great free online learning, especially for those on a tight budget. YouTube has also been a great help to study while I write my assignment for any course.

Podcasts from the BBC

The BBC has a wide range of podcasts on several topics for the more informal learner with great tips to motivate students. The majority of podcasts are regularly updated and cover a wide range of topics, including money, sports, and current affairs. Many episodes in various languages are available through the international range of podcasts. These podcasts are more available to the average person because they are less in-depth and theory-based.

Draw space

Draw space offers entire courses and individual classes for creatives to help them learn various drawing styles. It offers a mixture of free and paid material. You can study everything from the fundamentals of painting and drawing to advanced components, such as drawing people and even techniques like artistic expression with tea bags or mixing your colors.

Skill crush

Skill crush is a coding-focused learning platform that offers both free and paid courses in design, user experience, digital marketing, and HTML coding. The organization gives a free coding Bootcamp regularly to help individuals learn the basics and then costs for more in-depth lessons with hands-on assistance. It is intended for persons who are new to computer science and programming, thus no prior experience or coding knowledge is required.

Final Thoughts

With so many fantastic free online education tools available, anyone can improve their knowledge and skills. These tools are ideal for you if you want to learn some intriguing trivia at your next party, enhance your portfolio with some coding or professional skills, or enlighten yourself digitally to become a better-rounded person.